Our history


Foundation of Herbstreith & Fox Italy S.r.l. in Milan. The subsidiary represents the interests of the H&F Group in the Italian market since 2024.


Foundation of the Benelux branch office in
Wageningen (Netherlands).

Relaunch of the herba cuisine product range and introduction of the B2B online shop for gastronomy, catering and commercial kitchens.


The name of Herbstreith & Fox KG Pektin-Fabriken is changed to Herbstreith & Fox GmbH & Co. KG Pektin-Fabriken .

The online shop www.NutraChoice.de (http://www.NutraChoice.de) offers its customers goods from Herbstreith & Fox’s own production. Their philosophy: nutritious and pure vegan. Food supplemements ApfelCholest and ApfelBallast are complemented by cooking ingredients from BASIC line.

APECX SWISS AG was founded. Starting from September 2020 the company seated in Switzerland takes over the international commercialization of pectin.

In September 2020 Herbstreith & Fox takes over the pectin business from Naturex S.A. (Avignon, France), which include Naturex Polska with Headquarter in Jaslo and pectin production in Bischofszell (Switzerland). This acceptance is a mile stone for the development of the company and strengthens Herbstreith & Fox’s position on the global pectin market.


Sven Fox, son of Gerhard F. Fox, is appointed as an additional manager of the H&F corporate group.

The continually expanding group presents itself to the market as the international H&F Group with its own identity, establishing itself as a strong, competent partner to the global food industry.

Photo: Gerhard F. Fox (l.), Sven Fox (r.)

85 successful years Herbstreith & Fox. Competence and innovation – this is what Herbstreith & Fox stands for since 1934.

There is hardly any pectin application that can not be covered by a special H&F pectin.

H&F is the global market leader for apple pectin.

Logo H&F Group


Acquisition of Riske GmbH Food Ingredients, Additives and Food Technological Processing-Consulting by the H&F corporate group.


The herba cuisine product line of Herbafood Ingredients GmbH launches an innovative dry texturiser called BASIC dry.


Herbafood Ingredients GmbH presents the ApfelCholest brand.

Product packing ApfelCholest


Introduction of an energy management system at Herbstreith & Fox KG in Neuenbürg.

Herbstreith & Fox GmbH in Werder celebrates its 25-year anniversary.


Introduction of the Food Safety System Certification Standard (FSSC 22000) at Herbstreith & Fox KG Pektin-Fabriken, Herbstreith & Fox GmbH and Herbafood Ingredients GmbH.


Introduction of an energy management system at Herbstreith & Fox GmbH in Werder.

The herba cuisine product line of Herbafood Ingredients GmbH launches BASIC textur, a purely plant-based texturiser with a neutral taste and colour.


On 1 January, 2009, the newly founded H&F subsidiary agro FOOD SOLUTION GMBH takes over the animal nutrition product line of Herbafood Ingredients GmbH.

Herbstreith & Fox celebrates 75 successful years in business.

Herbafood Ingredients GmbH unveils the herba cuisine brand.

BASIC textur
Photo: BASIC textur
75 years Herbstreith & Fox
75 years Herbstreith & Fox


The name of Herbstreith & Fox GmbH Pektin-Fabrik Werder is changed to Herbstreith & Fox GmbH. Andreas Bernhardt is appointed as an additional manager of Herbstreith & Fox GmbH, Werder.


The Herbstreith & Fox company group introduces a common quality management system for the organisation in line with ISO 9001 / recertification.


25 years — Herbafood Ingredients GmbH

The company acquires the neighbouring property in Werder to expand the site and build an H&F logistics centre for the entire H&F Group.


Senior partner Erwin Herbstreith passes away on August 20, 2002 at the age of 89.

Aerial photo of the H&F Group in Werder (HAvel)
Photo: Aerial photo of the site Werder (Havel)

Logo Herbafood


The name of Herbafood Nahrungsmittel GmbH is changed to Herbafood Ingredients GmbH. This change reflects the company’s growing international reach and its increasing importance on the global market.


Erwin Herbstreith leaves the company as a limited partner on 31 December, 1998 at the age of 86.


The H&F corporate group launches a website.


Introduction of a quality management system in line with ISO 9001 / EN 29001.

Logo Herbstreith & Fox


Herbafood Nahrungsmittel GmbH relocates to Werder/Havel, the location of Herbstreith & Fox GmbH Pektin-Fabrik Werder.


Chairman Erwin Herbstreith goes into well-deserved retirement and remains a limited partner in the company.  Gerhard F. Fox becomes Chairman of the entire Herbstreith & Fox Group.

The organisation is restructured and the name changed to Herbstreith & Fox KG. A new company logo is introduced for the entire H&F company group.


Takeover and complete restructuring of an additional production plant – today’s Herbstreith & Fox GmbH Pektin-Fabrik Werder – in Brandenburg.


Start of production of Herbasweet (non-colouring fruit extract sweetener) in Neuenbürg.

Photo: Herbasweet
Photo Erwin Herbstreith und
Gerhard F. Fox
Photo: Erwin Herbstreith (l.),
Gerhard F. Fox (r.)


Herbafood Nahrungsmittel GmbH is founded, marking the company’s first step towards expanding its interests.

Start of production of Herbarom (colouring fruit extract sweetener) in Neuenbürg.


Gerhard F. Fox, the current Chairman and General Partner, joins the company as the Director of Technical Services and Sales.


Erwin Herbstreith takes over the company after the death of his father Hermann Herbstreith.


The company relocates to Neuenbürg in the state of Baden-Württemberg to utilise the benefits of this location, including water, improved supply of raw materials and proximity to customers.

Photos Hermann Herbstreith and Erwin Herbstreith
Photos: Hermann Herbstreith (l.), Erwin Herbstreith (r.)
Logo Pektin-Fabrik Hermann Herbstreith KG


The family-run company Pektin-Fabrik Hermann Herbstreith KG is founded in Wolfzennen am Bodensee by Hermann Herbstreith, who recognized the potential and numerous applications of apple pomace as a valuable raw material for the production of apple pectin.